Ultrasonic Facial

Ultrasonic Facial

$85.00 - 45 Minutes
Ultrasonic facials utilize sound waves to penetrate the skin, stimulating cell growth and repair and increasing blood circulation as a result. An ultrasonic facial can also tighten and tone the facial skin and treat signs of aging. This method is widely used and quite effective. Bt-micro ultrasonic exfoliation produces high-speed oscillations, leaving the skin smooth, fresh, and ready for the application of products.

Ultrasonic facials are non-invasive and relatively safe, just like any other facial. The treatment not only lifts and tones the skin but also has anti-aging properties. After the consultation, the procedure takes no more than an hour. An ultrasonic facial is a safe procedure, and the sonic waves emitted by the machine aren't harmful.

Benefits of the Ultrasonic Facial
● Boost circulation
● Increases elasticity and firmness
● Stimulates blood flow
● Tightens facial area
● Exfoliates dead skin cells
● Clears acne
● Fades age spots, redness, & scars
● Helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines
● Reduces under-eye bags

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Ultrasonic facials are gentle, non-invasive and suitable for most skin types. As a result of the ultrasonic mechanism’s effectiveness in cleaning clogged pores, painful extractions are unnecessary.
It is possible to see the procedure’s results almost immediately after it has been performed. A difference in the texture of your skin will be noticeable, and you will feel rejuvenated afterward. Exfoliation removes all dead cells, leaving you looking fresh and youthful.
In most cases, the treatment results last for about a month. It is recommended to repeat ultrasonic facials every three months at a minimum.
Due to the safety of the procedure and the fact that no surgical incisions are made, there is no downtime after the procedure.

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